My name is Dónal. I’m a software developer, bread baker and general dabbler based in Dublin, Ireland. I studied music for my undergrad, then moved to computer science, ending up with an MSc in Computing with a specialism in AI from Imperial College London.

I’m currently working as a Senior Platform Engineering at Nitro. Previously I worked for Apple as a software engineer on Maps, Caffeinehit Ltd as the lead backend developer for the app Pin Drop and Paddy Power Plc as a quants developer. I was also part of the Dublin Design Collective with whom I took part in the city-wide, interactive exhibitions Helsinki Tagged! and Dublin Tagged!. I have primarily focussed on server-side and web development but I love trying out new things.

I like to use Python, Scala, Java and the usual web technologies but again, I love trying out new things.

Blog Posts

  • Command Line Parsing in SBT